Customers, Not Keywords, Are Key To Content Marketing

The keyword was once the cornerstone of content marketing. But times have changed and so has Google and other search engines when it come to determining the value of your content.

According to a post on the Disqus blog:

“Google is looking for content that is valuable to readers. Several factors including user experience, mobile-friendliness, and page speed help determine SEO ranking. Keywords and audience-centric content go hand-in-hand in a successful content marketing strategy.

“Keyword research is indeed a great tactic to learn what your audience is looking up online … However, even though this can boost your SEO ranking, it doesn’t help your brand define a unique blend of addressing your audience’s needs and promoting your business’s expertise. In other words, focusing on keywords instead of your audience doesn’t make your content memorable.

Keywords are great for building awareness around your business, but it’s not the reason why readers turn into loyal fans. 

“The key to a successful content marketing strategy is to write in a way that your ideal audience feels heard and understood. Keep them hooked on your content, and you increase the chances of your content converting.”